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Jobs that Pay Well Without a College Degree

What Jobs Can I Get Without a College Degree? Professional
Pest Control Pays Well and You Don't Need a College Diploma to Reap the Benefits.

If college isn’t for you, don’t worry. There are many well-paying jobs that you can get with a high school diploma or GED. According to the latest U.S. Census numbers, the highest level of education for 28.1 percent of Americans is a high school degree. For those 28 percent, the road to better earning potential can be found through several roles: 

1. Professional Pest Control Technician 

All that’s needed to succeed as a professional pest control technician (commonly known as an exterminator) is a high school diploma or GED. While wages depend on different factors like location, the median pay is $37,950 a year or $18.24 an hour.  More importantly, professional pest control is expected to grow 10% over the next 10 years. New jobs mean continuing competitive wages to keep up with cost-of-living. 

Many professional pest control technicians enjoy flexible hours, which is helpful if you’re taking care of children or a loved one, health insurance, paid time off, the use of a company vehicle and more! With the growth in jobs, there are many opportunities to move up the career ladder. In fact, many have gone from technician to manager and beyond.

Professional pest control technicians get to be detectives in solving customers’ pest issues. That means every day is different, which keeps things exciting. With flexible hours, good benefits and plenty of opportunities for career growth, a professional pest control technician job is a job that pays well without a college degree. You can find open positions now at careers.pestcontroljobs.com

2. Commercial Pest Control Sales Representative

If you have a friendly personality, can communicate effectively and are a problem-solver, a job in commercial pest control sales is another option for a high school degree holder. Sales reps earn a median wage of $25.45 an hour or $53,950 a year! 

As a sales rep, you frequently travel around your community to different businesses to help sell services to potential and existing customers. If you’re a people person, this is a great job for you. Most pest control positions include the use of a company vehicle, which is another added perk! 

Sales representative jobs are also estimated to grow at about 10% over the next 10 years. With a high growth rate, good pay and benefits, this is a great role for someone with a high school degree that can communicate and sell well. You can find open positions now at careers.pestcontroljobs.com

3. Exercise Instructors 

Do you love sharing your passion for fitness and healthy living with others? Exercise training is a career that is expected to grow by 50,000 new jobs by 2030. The median pay is $19.48 an hour, that’s $40,510 a year. Exercise instructors usually work odd hours like early mornings, nights and weekends with changing schedules. While all you need is a high school diploma, many people interested in this career path want to grow their careers and become physical therapists or certified personal trainers, both of which involve continuing education. 

4. Electricians

Another job that pays well without a college degree is electrician. Electricians install, maintain and repair anything to do with electricity. The median pay is $27.36 an hour or $56,900 a year. If you’re someone who loves to solve problems and work with your hands, an electrician might be the role for you. While you only need a high school degree, you will need to go through an electrical apprenticeship which usually takes 4 to 5 years. This could delay your full earning potential for a while. 

5. Police Officers

Becoming a police officer is another career path option for those with a high school diploma. Median pay for police officers is $32.35 an hour or $67,290 a year. Most officers receive on-the-job training and will need to pass physical and professional tests. While pay is good, the work can be stressful and dangerous. 

Many people make a good living every day with a high school degree. What the professional pest control industry offers that many others don’t, however, is the ability to jump right in with no training and no degree required. There is no limit to your earning potential or career advancement in pest control, and you can receive good take-home pay with great benefits. With a bright career outlook and jobs that involve both working in the field, at home or in an office, you can find the right role for you at careers.pestcontroljobs.com.

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