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Pest Control Student Hiring Programs Open the Door to Great Growth and Earning Potential

High school graduation is an exciting and optimistic time that leaves many students and their parents thinking about that all-important next step in life. For some, attending a four-year university is not ideal. When it comes to what you do after high school has ended, there are so many options and possibilities. And for those who want to hit the ground running in a rewarding line of work with limitless growth and earning potential, pursuing a job in a skilled trade such as professional pest control is an excellent choice.

Student Pest Control Career Opportunities

The training required to become a pest control technician takes a fraction of the time it takes to earn a four-year degree.  And there’s endless opportunities to grow in pest control! Upon entering the pest control field, you will receive on-the-job training to help gain skills and knowledge useful in both pest control and out in the real world. Pest control companies invest in their junior-level employees and truly want to see them take the skills learned in their trainings and use them to grow and develop their careers. With this kind of support, your career path in pest control can lead you anywhere, from a technician, to a salesperson or branch or service manager one day!

When considering a career path in pest control, it’s also important to note that the demand for a talented workforce is high and the need for pest control services by homeowners and businesses is endless. In fact, it is one of the most resilient and recession proof industries. During the global pandemic, pest control was deemed an essential industry and technicians were welcomed into people's homes and businesses to solve their pest problems.

According to research from StataTech Education Group, over 90 percent of parents would support a child’s decision to pursue a skilled trades career. The survey included 2,000 respondents, half of which were current high school students at the time of the survey, and the other half of which were parents to high schoolers. Additionally, over half of the students surveyed said they have considered a trade career, but a third of those students cited not knowing enough about the options available as a reason they did not ultimately pursue that decision. We are here to make sure you have all of the information necessary to make and move forward with that decision with confidence!

If a career in the pest control field sounds appealing to you, consider reaching out to your local pest control company to learn more or head on over to our job board to take the first step on this next chapter of life. Welcome to the workforce — we are happy to have you!