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military, Military Spouses & veterans

The professional pest control industry deeply respects and honors US military service members, their spouses and veterans who have dedicated their time and service to our country.

Service members, military spouses and veterans have said that working in the pest control industry provides a smooth transition into civilian life, and has many parallels to serving in the military. One of the mottos used in the military – “improvise, adapt and overcome” also relates to their experience working in the pest control industry. In the military, they had to solve problems, manage time, pay attention to details and learn conflict resolution. Veterans have worked with people from all walks of life. They learned how to improvise and adapt – and have committed their lives, serving with the utmost integrity and the highest degree of ethics. They have found synergies in their roles from military life to civilian life working in professional pest control.

These veterans also note that they still protect and defend people like they did in the military, just in a different capacity as a pest control professional. The experiences these veterans had while serving gave them the skills, talents and professionalism highly desired by employers in the professional pest control industry.

Through veterans hiring programs, the industry proudly employs military veterans from all branches of service, as their experiences have so capably prepared them for careers in professional pest control.

Learn what Military Veterans in the Pest Control Industry Today are Saying about Their Own Careers:

The National Pest Management Association’s PestVets group is a specialty council comprised of NPMA members committed to engaging veterans in their successful transition to a productive and rewarding career in the pest control industry. Since 2014, the group has worked to create veteran awareness opportunities in the industry, provide guidance to assist veterans with transitioning into the workforce, and give back to the community to show appreciation for active military. PestVets also recognizes veterans for their industry contributions with an annual PestVets Veteran of the Year Award.