Jobs That Give You a Car

Drive Your Career Towards Success with a Vehicle Provided Job

In search of the perfect position, today's jobseekers are looking for jobs that go above and beyond what they offer employees. For many people, things like competitive salaries and flexible schedules are important. For others, they might be looking for one thing in particular: jobs that give you a company car.

A company-provided vehicle is a perk offered by a select number of industries, but not much can beat the convenience and flexibility of not having to drive your own vehicle. For those looking for a new job or switching careers, finding a job that gives you a car for free can be a huge deciding factor.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the benefits of finding a job in an industry that provides company vehicles and explore five jobs that offer this enticing perk.

Benefits of a Job That Gives You a Car for Free

Cost-savings: The expenses of owning a personal vehicle can quickly become overwhelming. From fuel and maintenance to insurance and registration costs, the financial burden can take a toll on your wallet. By exploring jobs that give you a free car you can enjoy the freedom of a vehicle without the hefty price tag.

Convenience: Say goodbye to the challenges of public transportation schedules or relying on ride-sharing services. Having a company car opens up a world of convenience with reliable transportation and peace of mind.

Professionalism: In industries like pest control where they value pride and professionalism, arriving in a branded company car can set the scene for a successful service. It creates a strong impression of credibility and can even boost your own confidence, reaffirming your commitment to get the job done.

Personal use benefits: Some companies go the extra mile by offering you the flexibility to use your company car for personal use. With a company car, the options are endless: run errands effortlessly, explore new places, or go on memorable family outings.

Improved work-life balance: A company car allows you to have more control over your schedule. You can simplify your commute, avoid the stress of public transportation, and have more time for your personal life.

Examples of Vehicle Provided Jobs:

  1. Pest Control Technicians
    In pest control, company cars are often provided for technicians to visit homes and businesses efficiently and reliably. Since they are customer-facing, technicians appreciate having a branded company vehicle, which offers a level of comfort for their customers. Even better, many pest control companies allow take-home vehicles, as well, which is a hard-to-find perk in many industries.

  2. Insurance Agents
    For insurance agents, client meetings often involve frequent travel. A company car allows them to drive to appointments while advertising their insurance agency. As agents can often experience high pressure to meet sales targets, having a company vehicle helps to alleviate the financial burden of owning a personal car, enabling them to focus more on their work.

  3. Home Repair Technicians
    Home repair or maintenance service workers require reliable transportation to travel between jobs at people's homes and enhance the company’s brand. It’s important for customers to trust who shows up at their door, and utilizing a company vehicle is a great way to do that. As the demand for home repair can fluctuate based on economic factors, having a company car is an important benefit in this field of work.

  4. Event Planners
    In the events and catering industry, employees may have a company car that takes them from one party or event to another. With irregular work schedules that can include evenings, weekends and holidays, having a company car becomes essential for traveling during these unconventional hours.

  5. Sales Representatives
    Sales roles often include travel to meet with clients or businesses, especially in the fields of pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and more. These industries often provide company vehicles so their employees can travel efficiently and present a professional image. While they often boast high salaries, these roles often include long hours and extensive travel requirements.

A job that provides a company vehicle  is more than just a perk. It represents convenience, professionalism and flexibility. Several industries recognize the value of providing company cars to their employees and how that helps them recruit and retain valuable people. If you’re looking to find a stable, rewarding position with the added benefit of company vehicles, get started searching for a pest control job near you today.