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Latest Pest Control Technology

Technology is constantly changing the landscape of almost all industries, and pest control is no exception. While in some industries that may be a concern in terms of automation, in pest control these innovations help drive efficiencies with monitoring and service calls and are designed to support pest control technicians or exterminators in their day-to-day work. New innovations in pest control continue to improve the industry and allow pest control professionals to more accurately and efficiently do their jobs. It’s also a lot of fun to operate the devices and put all those hard-earned gaming skills to good use!

Between new high-tech equipment in rodent control, such as sensors and trail cameras, to using drones during routine inspections, new innovations in pest control are being introduced and tested across the industry. For example, remote monitoring systems enable pest control technicians to have 24/7 video surveillance of the trap with the data delivered to them in real-time.

Some companies have also begun utilizing drones during home and commercial inspections. These remote-controlled devices make confined space and aerial photography and surveillance possible. This technology used in high or hard to reach and see places during inspections such as roofs, crawlspaces and gutters allows for a faster and more convenient inspection and is safer for the technician as well.

These new pest control technologies emerging in the industry can lead to more informed solutions for technicians and, at the end of the day – better pest control.

Yet, as important as the technology is, operators will always be essential and in high demand to inspect and assess properties, come up with a unique plan of action for specific issues and to engage and work with people to help solve their pest problems.