Sample Job Interview Questions and Answers

You applied for a job, and you got an interview! Congratulations! But, now what?

Whether this opportunity is in pest control or any other industry, job interviews can be intimidating. But with proper preparation, they don’t have to leave you sweating with anxiety. Use this list of common job interview questions and answers to ensure you’re prepared.

1. What are your strengths?

Use this question to dive deeper into what your resume highlights.  You can discuss professional or personal strengths but be sure to connect them to the job and how they make you a good candidate. For example, you can talk about how you are a good communicator, and then provide examples that support how that will carry over into this job. Don’t overlook soft skills – professional pest control technicians must be friendly and personable in dealing with clients – show them that!

2. What are your weaknesses?

Isn’t this question the worst? It almost feels like a trap to say something negative or bad about yourself. No one likes to talk about weaknesses – they make you feel like you’ll be viewed as unfit for the job. A common mistake is making a positive sound negative. But don’t let answering this job interview question intimidate you. Be careful and give a strategic response! Choose an actual negative that you are working on improving. This will show the interviewer that you are constantly working on yourself. We all have flaws. The important thing is to be clear about how you are working to change that weakness.

3. Tell me about yourself

Keep this high level. Now is not the time to talk about where you were born or sports you played in high school. Discuss the work you have done so far in your career and include relevant certifications. If you don’t have specific experience, that’s ok! Talk about your previous jobs and what responsibilities you held, especially as they relate to the position or company you’re applying to. Don’t just talk about what you’ve done, add why or examples of things you learned along the way. You want the interviewer to see you as well-rounded and multi-dimensional. You can also talk about your goals in your career and for the industry, which shows ambition and lets the interviewer know you plan to stick around for a while.

4. What is your proudest professional achievement?

Use this question to talk about something that happened in a previous job that made you very proud of yourself or was a huge success or learning opportunity. This proud professional achievement could be something like a promotion or a project that you were involved in from the beginning to the end. Talk about the steps you took to make this achievement happen, what you learned along the way, and how you will carry that experience into this new role.

5. Why did you decide to apply to this job?

Be sure to have an answer prepared for this common job interview question! Before the interview, research the company to get a better understanding of the company, its core values and work within the community and see what you like about it. Perhaps they are known for a great company culture, or maybe the position is the next step in your career. Whatever it is, tie your skills and experience into it so they see you as a natural fit. Explain how the work they do is something you’re passionate about and prepared for.

6. What makes you stand out from other applicants?

Now is the time to reiterate your strengths! You obviously don’t know who the other applicants are, but you can talk about the skills that might set you apart. Choose unique qualities or experiences that others may not have, or touch on some of your strengths that haven’t been discussed during the interview.

7. Do you have any questions for me?

Don’t waste this opportunity to ask thoughtful questions. Do research on the company before your interview so you can tailor your questions to them. They want to know you are invested in this job.  Some good post-interview questions are:

  • “What does a typical day at this company look like?”
  • “What is your favorite part about working at this company?”
  • “What is the company and team culture like?”
  • “What will my first 90 days look like?”
  • “What are the biggest challenges someone in this position would face?”
  • “What are the performance expectations of this position over the first 3, 6, 12 months?”
  • “What attributes does someone need to have in order to be successful in this position?”

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