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Ready to Serve in a New Way? Launch Your Civilian Career with Transition Assistance

pest control jobs featured in stars and stripes magazine's spring 2024 transition guide

New DOD SkillBridge Internship partnership with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) helps you start a rewarding career in Pest Control

The Challenge: Finding Your Next Mission 

Transitioning from military service to civilian life can be tough. You've developed exceptional skills, faced demanding situations, and dedicated yourself to a higher purpose. You deserve a fulfilling civilian career that offers stability and purpose.

The Solution: NPMA’s SkillBridge Internship Program 

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has partnered with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) SkillBridge Program to offer you a unique opportunity. Participate in an 8-10 week paid internship with NPMA member companies nationwide. You will gain valuable hands-on experience and technical knowledge, all whilestill receiving your military pay and benefits.

"As a service member myself, I know how important it is to have resources and support to prepare for life after the military,” said Trent Kucherka, military intelligence officer in the United States Army Reserve and director of commercial operations at The Bug Master. "NPMA’s partnership with SkillBridge is a meaningful commitment from the industry to those who have served and will pave the way for future talent to excel in pest control." 

Why Pest Control is the Perfect Fit for Veterans 

  • Parlay Your Skills: Your military training honed exceptional skills in problem-solving, protocols, and efficiency. These translate perfectly to pest control! You'll use strategic thinking to tackle pest threats, meticulousness to implement solutions, and communication to serve clients.
  • Meaningful Work: In pest control, you're not just tackling pest problems; you're safeguarding homes, businesses, and communities. Every day, you'll make a meaningful difference in people's lives by protecting their health and property from harmful pests.
  • Stable Career Paths: Professional pest control is an essential industry that will be in-demand as long as pests continue to be problematic (that is to say, always!). This translates to job security and a strong foundation for your future.
  • Competitive Benefits: You can enjoy great salaries, benefits and growth potential with industry-leading companies. Plus, the NPMA PestVets Council provides support in connecting veterans and fostering a sense of community.

The NPMA Military Hiring Program: Your Pathway to Success 

NPMA recognizes and highly values the leadership skills and resilience that you bring to the workforce. Our program is designed to support you every step of the way as you transition into the pest control industry. You'll engage in a comprehensive 8-10-week internship that combines on-the-job experience with classroom instruction, empowering you with the skills needed for a successful career in pest control. During the program, you maintain financial stability with continued military pay and benefits.

Upon completion, you’ll have access to immediate employment opportunities with NPMA member companies. You'll also join a strong network of local and national support, where experienced military veterans in the pest control industry will guide and assist you as you navigate your new career path.

How to Get Started 

Visit your Transition Assistance Program Office (TAP) for specific SkillBridge application requirements, explore current NPMA company partners in your area, and take the next step by completing the NPMA Military Hiring Internship Program Interest Form. Qualified candidates will be contacted by NPMA to schedule an interview with an NPMA member company partner.

Launch your next mission in pest control! We can’t wait to serve alongside you.


NPMA is a DOD SkillBridge Authorized Organization that represents the pest management industry. NPMA does not represent the DOD SkillBridge office nor does the DOD endorse any company or its services. 

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The Stars and Stripes Transition Guide is a compilation of articles — on financial matters, education, resume-writing, career fairs and more — specifically designed to help active servicemembers and veterans navigate into their next stages of life. Each edition of this semi-annual publication provides practical guidance and resources for maneuvering through their next objective, whether it is enrolling in college, finding a job or getting their finances in order.

Transition Guides are distributed through Stars and Stripes' daily editions overseas and on military bases in the United States.

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