Regional Entomologist

Typical Regional Entomologist Salary:
Annual: $63,270

Do you have deep fascination with all things bugs? Were you the child digging in the dirt with a magnifying glass searching for insects and arachnids to study and have taken that interest to the next level with continued courses of study? Use that entomology degree in an industry of great growth and potential. As a regional entomologist, you will work closely with local professional pest control branches and their clients to help to create specific solutions to their pest problems. Keep reading for a detailed regional entomologist job description, including salary information, training, and more.

Training and Education:

To be considered for a job as a regional entomologist, you must have two to five years of experience working in the pest control industry, as well as a four-year college degree in Entomology. An advanced degree is preferred but not always necessary. Candidates for a job in this career must have a minimum of Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) Accreditation, and a Board-Certified Entomologist (BCE) is often preferred. One must have a pest control license for all states in their region. There is opportunity for additional technical on-the-job training as well.


Good communication skills are a must in order to be a regional entomologist and you should also be comfortable with speaking publicly, since you may need to participate in forums and shows. A strong knowledge of all common household pests is required, along with good organizational and time management skills. It helps to be a people person, too, since you will work with clients, vendors, and other people throughout the industry each day.


As a regional entomologist, you will work closely with branches in your region and with operations and sales teams to assist with creating specific solutions for your clients and their pest control needs. You must also provide training and development expertise to branches in the region, amongst other daily responsibilities.

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regional entomologist Job Description

As a Regional Entomologist at a local pest control branch, you will embark on a dynamic and engaging role that requires frequent travel to various regional branches. Your primary responsibility will be to elevate the knowledge and skills of both colleagues and clients through specialized training sessions. Regional entomologists are expected to participate in trade shows and conventions, conduct inspections at client premises and support the creation of sales proposals, and help to provide solutions for clients’ pest prevention and training needs.

Your expert knowledge will be instrumental in designing and implementing effective pest prevention strategies, ensuring clients receive the highest standard of service. This position not only demands a deep understanding of entomology but also excellent communication and interpersonal skills to foster strong relationships and promote educational initiatives within the community.

Work environment

In this profession, days are varied and exciting. As a regional entomologist, you would have the opportunity to work in many different types of environments – inside people’s homes and commercial businesses, in schools, hospitals, restaurants, and more.

During a normal workday, your responsibilities may require you to:

  • Identify pest problems and come up with unique solutions based on the specific problems
  • Help identify unknown pests
  • Drive a company vehicle between client sites, each branch office, and scientific industry events
  • Work is performed in an office setting and in a variety of client settings that will include exposure to seasonal weather, damp and/or dusty locations
  • Participate in or lead research projects to develop new treatment methods or products
  • Ensure that all pest control measures and treatments comply with state and federal regulations
  • Oversee the safety procedures related to the handling and application of pest control treatments and equipment
  • Stand; walk; sit; use hands to finger, handle, or feel; reach with hands and arms; stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl; climb; and talk and hear. 

Regional Entomologist Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage for a regional entomologist is $63,270*

*Disclaimer: exact compensation and benefits packages are at the discretion of individual employers. 

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