Sales Consultant: All-American Pest Control

Brian Shepard: Universal Technician to sales consultant

With a spark of curiosity and a recommendation from a friend, Brian Shepard launched his career in pest control as a Universal Technician at All-American Pest Control (AAPC)
in 2016. Brian was dissatisfied with his previous job and desired a fresh start in a new profession.

Brian quickly moved up the career ladder. He became a mentor to new team members in 2018, and by 2020, his versatility and dedication earned him a Sales Consultant position at All-American.

Brian says that in pest control, each day is an opportunity to grow and learn something new – keeping his career dynamic and engaging. “Every day on the job is an adventure. I like to think of my workspace as an 'office on wheels' with the freedom to meet new people, see new places, and learn new things,” said Brian.

During the winter months, Brian enjoys a four-day work week, a benefit that reflects the industry’s flexibility and focus on employee well-being. Most of all, Brian values his role as a mentor, where he helps new professionals grow and succeed.

Acknowledging the complexity of pest control, Brian sees each challenge as a way to further his career. Brian credits his success to the supportive culture at All-American and the endless growth potential in pest control. His experience showcases how a career change can lead to remarkable achievements.

Brian’s story is an inspiring example of career growth, continuous learning, and unwavering dedication to customer service in pest control. For those looking for an exciting and rewarding career, check out the open positions on our job board. Start your career by applying to jobs today, no college degree required!

Inspired by Brian's journey? Unlock your potential in an essential service like professional pest control.