Director of Team Experience: All-American Pest Control

Lexus Crowder: Customer Care Team Member to Director of Team Experience

In 2015, Lexus Crowder kicked off her career at All-American Pest Control (AAPC) as a Customer Care Team Member. Her journey at AAPC began with a simple goal: a job that fit her schedule, offered more time at home, and provided better pay compared to other options. Yet, little did she know the possibilities that were just ahead!

Throughout her time at AAPC, Lexus showed significant dedication to professional growth. She quickly stood out and advanced to a Customer Care Team Leader. But her dedication wasn't just for her work as a pest control professional. She also pursued her academic goals and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2019, gaining a well-rounded skillset to further propel her future. 
Lexus's journey took an even more exciting turn when she began training alongside the previous Operations Manager. During her initial interview, Lexus had expressed an interest to work in HR. She understood as the business continued to expand, there would be opportunities for new roles and challenges. This paid off when the timing worked out, and Lexus transitioned into her current role, Director of Team Experience.

When asked about her favorite benefits, Lexus said “what I value most in pest control is the outstanding work-life balance. I work from home on many days, helping with my children’s morning routines, and I'm there for them right when I clock out, rather than spending an hour commuting. This change has allowed us to spend more quality time together as a family. I also appreciate the flexibility for appointments, group healthcare, and short- and long-term disability benefits that I've used three times for maternity leave." 

Reflecting on her achievements in both the industry and at AAPC, Lexus points to the supportive leadership as a driving force. She says the emphasis on taking risks, learning from experiences, and ongoing training has not only strengthened the company’s internal culture but also their customer relations. She has also worked to build unity among her team members, saying, "What I find most rewarding about my work is collaborating with my team – witnessing their personal and professional growth firsthand."

When asked about any challenges she has faced in pest control, Lexus was open about the busyness of peak pest season. She has figured out how to ride the ups and downs of the job, knowing that being patient and adaptable is key. Over time, she has realized that facing challenges is normal, but if you keep trying and working hard, things will work out.

“Since the industry is so unique and ever evolving, there is never a dull day! There is always more to learn and I’m eager to embrace this growth.”

Not only has Lexus succeeded in the field of pest control, but she also managed to combine academic achievements, career growth, and her strong dedication to her family. Her journey shows how someone can build a thriving career in pest control while also embracing the different aspects of life.

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